Information about Casuarina cunninghamiana

Casuarina cunninghamiana, also known as River She-Oak or River Oak, is a medium to large sized tree native to eastern Australia. It is commonly found along riverbanks, creeks and other watercourses, as well as in wetlands and floodplains.

The tree can grow up to 30 meters tall and has a narrow, conical shape. The bark is rough and fissured, and the leaves are thin and needle-like, about 10-20 cm long. The male and female flowers are borne on separate trees, with the male flowers arranged in spikes and the female flowers in small clusters.

The River She-Oak is an important plant for stabilizing riverbanks and preventing erosion, as its deep root system helps to anchor the soil. It also provides valuable habitat for wildlife, with its dense foliage and unique shape providing shelter and nesting sites for a variety of birds and other animals.

In addition to its ecological importance, the River She-Oak has a number of uses for humans. The wood is hard and durable, and has been traditionally used for building furniture, fences, and other structures. The tree also has a number of medicinal properties, with various parts of the plant being used to treat a range of ailments in traditional Aboriginal medicine